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The Evolution of Kung Fu

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The Evolution of Kickboxing

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Southampton Martial Arts Centre is a place for everyone to enhance their physical and mental health and to cultivate confidence, motivation, self-worth and inner peace through Martial Arts practice. Further to the many Traditional Chinese Martial Arts class that run at the centre Click Link for details.

We still have some slots for instructor of other style to hire for teaching Boxing, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Karate, Yoga and Pilates

Martial Arts Centre
St. Marys Road, Southampton, SO14 0BL
Booking Enquiries 07734 169259
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Wutan is a non-commercial orientated organisation
Authentic Chinese martial arts for a healthier society


Now a day, we use only small amount of physical effort to earn our living. Stress, low self-esteem, over weight, unhealthy became a serious problem.


We can enjoy everything that we have worked so hard to obtain only if we are still healthy. It is important to exercise in order to maintain your health.


Kickboxing become the UK's fastest-growing forms of exercise, for fitness, body toning, self-confidence and self-defence.


Wutan Kickboxing combining the best techniques of self-defence with explosive punching, kicking and wrestling skills.

Wutan Kickboxing helps you to maintain your health as well as developing your self-discipline and cultivate your inner strength. It is a martial arts for - men, women and children.

Itís the best thing thatís ever happened to most people who try.

Wutan Kickboxing is a fun way for fat burning, improve coordination, build confidence, enhance self-esteem by learning to use your body efficiently through learning to kick and punch properly.

Twice a week will make you feel more energetic for the whole week. Youíll not just get to meet many nice people, make good friends, You will quickly be able to punch with power and kick with grace; you will be fitter, stronger, look healthier, and feel confident. You will be in a better position to take on the world in positive manner.

You donít have to be fit or strong to start.

There are 2 women only and 3 women and men mixed beginner classes.

Go to intermediates classes to practise some grappling and throwing techniques only when you are happy with your fitness.

You will be invited to the advanced class when your coordination has also reached a good level.


Taking part in sparring or competition is not compulsory. If competition is part of your intention for most about 3 yeas a practitioner is ready to participate to the full-contact tournaments.

We have achieved a gold medal in the European championship of 28 member countries. We have also achieved a gold and a bronze medal in the world championship of 120 member countries as well as a silver medal from the Full contact world cup competition.